Play Time!: DogPlay

Holidays. Vacation. Traveling.

Though we knew adopting Knox would be a major life change, we had decided to push travel for a while. Unfortunately, family obligations have inevitably come up and we were stuck scrambling to look for a place to board Knox. It would be unfair to leave him with a friend, as we know just how much of a handful he is, and how much time and effort it takes to settle him. We can’t take him with us because flying your dog across the country for a few days is just cruel.

Granted, I have a number of expectations when it comes to dog daycare. I would assume most dog owners do, when it comes to entrust your dog with for hours, or days on end!

  • Proper socialization
  • Attentiveness and supervision
  • Cleanliness
  • Structure and Training

After doing a lot of research, I came across DogPlay based on a recommendation from a fellow Yelper.

I had previously visited a number of different dog daycares in Vancouver and so many of them had things that raised an eyebrow. They either outright said they’re “not here to train, just supervise”, just one room with all dogs regardless of socialization and comfort level, would spray the dogs for barking, or only had (soiled!) pee-pads for dogs to use.

#knoxdog & Darryl

Ohai Darryl!

The information on DogPlay’s website seemed too good to be true. A doggy daycare that actively socializes your dog with human interaction throughout? And they do walk-breaks to maintain house-training? No way.

Curious but skeptical, I booked Knox in for a half-day. I watched for 20 minutes from the reception/store as Darryl took Knox into the separate area for him to calm down and sniff around. They didn’t let him rush into the playpen with the other dogs. They distracted him when he barked nervously, and removed the instigator on the other side of the fence.

With that, I felt confident and extreme relief to leave my silly dog in their highly capable hands. He had been attacked by a few different intact male dogs last month which made us hesitant about going to dog parks. He also started approaching a lot of big dogs and APTs with great hesitation and anxiety.


On the car ride home..

After learning that Knox had safely played with and got along with dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds at DogPlay, they just won me over. After his first day, Knox received his first milestone report card!

He came home tired, happy, and super super calm. Something I thought would never happen. As I type out all these posts, Knox is passed out in Fort Knox, snoring away after a full day with Danielle, Darryl and the pack.

A major highlight and perk from DogPlay, other than the attentive and super friendly handlers, was all their social media updates! DogPlay takes photos of Knox and other dogs throughout the day and tags us on Instagram and Twitter.

How do we know he had a great time? Just check out his Whistle report!

#Knoxdog Whistle Report

296 minutes of activity, and it’s only 7pm.


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