KnoxDaily: Safe Space

In spite of all his anxiety, he’s doing better with being away from us (but not completely alone). He’s also found a safe space on the bed… Which is now consistently covered in sand. Small price to pay, I suppose.



  1. mytwopitties · January 18, 2015

    Awe, clever puppy;) It’s not quite the same but my dogs can be so antsy at my parents house because they are not allowed on the couches. But if my parents aren’t home, I let them on the couches & they snore the night away. Is a little comfort & cuddling so much to ask for??


    • nicolb · January 19, 2015

      Knox barked at us for months before we realized all he wanted was to snuggle into the couch. For a dog that doesn’t like physical cuddling, he sure likes the idea of it. 😉


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