KnoxDaily: Cortisol Vacation

Reactivity class has proven to be a little too difficult for us. I’m stressed. He’s stressed. Everyone’s stressed and I can’t help but feel like we’re moving backwards.

The day after class has temporarily become work-at-home half-days to make sure we’re not subjecting Knox to consistently high cortisol levels by throwing him into daycare. Trigger-stacking, as it were, is a hard one to manage. A weekly cortisol vacation for both of us.



  1. mytwopitties · February 6, 2015

    Awe, sometimes relaxing is the best answer. I know that adrenaline can build up in dogs. Years ago I had a horse who was very high stung and nervous. We did a lot of intensive training with him that was pretty stressful. Then I let him hang out, eat a lot and go for walks with me on the trails like a dog (lol) for a month or 2. He was so much better when I started riding him again!

    Love that picture too. Looks like my life a lot of the time! 🙂


    • nicolb · February 6, 2015

      That’s amazing! Because of his infection, we’re putting reactivity class on hiatus until further notice, and perhaps moving into private lessons. That said, this past week of triggerlessness has done wonders. Knox walked head-on towards a strange dog with minimal reaction! A major accomplishment!

      A snuggling dog while working is the best, isn’t it? 🙂


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