Can reactive and fearful dogs be ambassadors?

Knox is first and foremost a dog. Not a pit bull, not an ambassador, not a stereotype. He’s not “perfect” but he’s definitely a rockstar with people, big and small.


When we think of breed ambassadors, we picture a dog who’s essentially “perfect” in every way imaginable. They certainly have no behavioral issues to speak of, right? Breed ambassadors are one of a kind, capable of meeting anyone or anything without any problems whatsoever.  As the owner of reactive, fearful dogs I never thought or considered my dogs to be breed ambassadors. That is until I changed my idea of what a breed ambassador can be.

I believe that when you own a fearful or reactive dog your call to be an ambassador is even greater. While there most certainly are rockstar dogs out there who are making great strides for this breed, there are also many pit bull type dogs who are capable of amazing things that may be reactive or fearful. It’s our job to get the message out there that all dogs are individuals and that means that…

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  1. mytwopitties · February 19, 2015

    Heck ya! I agree:)

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