KnoxDaily: The Collie Crawl

We spent the weekend at the beach and in the forest. He did so well on leash while walking past dozens of dogs!

But one thing’s for sure: Knox is awful at meeting other dogs.

Having no idea what his breed mix is, I think we can safely assume that he has some sort of herding animal in him as he approaches unknown dogs (especially fluffy ones) at a crawl, getting about 5 meters away and lying super flat, ears down, staring. As the dog reaches 3m proximity, he BOLTS towards the dog. Rude, rude, rude.

No fights yet (thankfully) but we need to work on this so much more! One more thing to add onto our list of behaviours to work on.



  1. mytwopitties · February 24, 2015

    Your description makes me laugh even though I guess it’s naughty. 😉 Kaya used to do the same thing without the crouch. She’d sort of stalk and then run. Often right past the dog and then spin around and shove her nose up their butt. I worked a lot on making her heel and then greet the dog normally if I saw her start it. She’s pretty normal about things now.

    Norman’s now the one who needs my attention at times. Some dogs make him nervous (he’s been duped in the past) and he stands very rigid and stares at them. I know he is unsure if he should say hello but it probably sends the wrong message. Kaya often helps by showing him the dog is friendly.

    But my ultimate hope is that people should know if their dog is at an off leash dog spot, they should be able to handle a variety of doggy intros. 🙂

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    • nicolb · February 24, 2015

      The worst part, it’s SO FUNNY to watch him crawl because he’s so ungraceful that I forget to distract him in time. He’ll stalk, slink lower and lower until he’s lying down, staring. Unfortunately, he doesn’t move from the “stare at you before I sniff your butt” often enough. But…. we’ll get there.

      Oh Norman. I just want to squish him.


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