Watch the World: Changing Fear or Reactivity

We’ve been playing this game (also mentioned in previous posts as “EYES!” and “Where’s the doggie?”) and it’s been mainly positive. Owners that walk their dog around the same time in the mornings are also starting to recognize us and have acknowledged our presence, moving closer or away when appropriate. 🙂

Paws Abilities

For some dogs, the world can be an overwhelming place. People, bikes, skateboards, other dogs… there’s a lot out there to take in. Whether your dog is frightened, worried, or just overly excited by these things, the Watch the World game is a wonderful way to help her deal with them.

Photo by Lori Greig

The Watch the World game teaches dogs to look at their owner when they see someone or something that would usually trigger them. This game is wonderful for any dog who is overly interested in novel stimuli, regardless of the reason for their interest.

In order to play this game, start with especially delectable treats. While I usually use the dog’s food to train him, this is a case where the “wow” value is important. Choose stinky, slimy treats such as roast beef, chicken, peanut butter, or blue cheese. If you use low-value treats for…

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