ReactiveKnox: Good Days, Bad Days

Knox came down with a bout of kennel cough this past weekend so he’s been isolated from other dogs (as much as I can, anyway) and coming to work with me.

We started the week off brilliantly: Knox walked past a few dogs (and a dog walker with 3 dogs) without incident. We worked on passing without a constant food lure – unless we’re too close and have no escape route – and it was awesome. There’s a few wonderful dog owners that have well-trained and calm dogs we encounter on our morning walks and have been willing participants in our passing practice. “Give him a chance to be a really good more for another minute!” * treat treat treat treat treat *

Perhaps he’s been going a bit stir crazy and bored of hanging out with the humans that ignore him for most of the day… the remainder of the week has been difficult. While we are able to walk past some dogs with lots of effort, his attention span has shortened (my fault, I’ve stopped training him daily) and it’s becoming easier (irony!) for him to go over-threshold. Because of the great weather we’ve been having, we’re encountering more and more off-leashed dogs which subsequently “allows” him to practice his over-reactions. So now we have new triggers: running dogs, playing dogs, off-leashed dogs. Faaaaantastic.

One step at a time, Knox dog.


One comment

  1. mytwopitties · April 24, 2015

    I hope he feels better. One day at a time dude. 🙂


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