Normal Dog Sociability Levels

Original by Bad Rap.

Paws Abilities

Just like people, dogs have many different levels of tolerance for other dogs. Most puppies and adolescents (up to about 12-18 months for most breeds) will enjoy most of the other dogs they meet. It is normal for adult dogs to be less interested in meeting and playing with new dogs. Just as we no longer play with new friends on the swings at the park, adult dogs may no longer want to meet a new bunch of rowdy dogs at the dog park. Most adult dogs prefer to hang out with other dogs they already know and like.

Below are the common levels of dog tolerance:
Dog Social: This is a dog who truly enjoys the company of other dogs. These dogs generally get along with all other dogs and can tolerate even very rude behavior. This group includes most puppies and a small percentage of socially…

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  1. Donna · June 25, 2015

    I’m glad so many find this language helpful. I’m not sure why Paws Abilities lifted language from our website without using quotes or giving credit, but to clarify, I am the author of the text – it was written for our website several years ago. Plagiarism is supposed to be the best form of flattery, but it’s also very annoying.


    • nicolb · June 25, 2015

      Donna, thanks for adding your original link and letting us know! I’ll add your original link to my reblog comment. It is such vital information for dog owners to have; thanks for writing it!


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