Collie Crawl | #knoxdog

KnoxDaily: The Collie Crawl

We spent the weekend at the beach and in the forest. He did so well on leash while walking past dozens of dogs!

But one thing’s for sure: Knox is awful at meeting other dogs.

Having no idea what his breed mix is, I think we can safely assume that he has some sort of herding animal in him as he approaches unknown dogs (especially fluffy ones) at a crawl, getting about 5 meters away and lying super flat, ears down, staring. As the dog reaches 3m proximity, he BOLTS towards the dog. Rude, rude, rude.

No fights yet (thankfully) but we need to work on this so much more! One more thing to add onto our list of behaviours to work on.


KnoxDaily: Good days, bad days

When Knox has a bad day and goes over threshold, the day feels like it’s ruined.

But the moment I see him anxiety-free, running around off-leash and listening, all the bad moments are instantly forgotten, even if it’s only for a few minutes.


Training: Part 3 – The Open Dog Park

As we were filling out the adoption papers for Knox, I had dreams of taking him to Crab Park and watching him play with all the dogs, or swim in the ocean, or play fetch with us.

After taking him home, all those dreams were dashed when we learned that he was a little reactive, a little crazy pants, and had absolute zero recall. Determined to fulfill my dream, once we got past those pesky bad behaviours, I enrolled him into Recall class with Shelagh Begg of Dizine Canine.

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