Reactive Knox: 12 month check-in

In January, we made the decision to join a reactive dog class because we were at our wit’s end with his lunging, barking, and all-round embarrassing behaviour.

As a reactive dog owner, you’ll reach a couple of dire moments of “I just can’t do it.. I want to give up.” Some may reach points of “positive reinforcement isn’t working so I’ll use punitive and aversive methods instead. I saw it on TV/read the books so it must work!”

We can reach training burn-out and when we do, it feels like nothing is working right and everything is horrible.

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“I promise we won’t leave with a dog.”

The BeginningIt started out so innocent.

We made our coffee, our breakfast, and sat out on our patio. The weather was beautiful and life was settling into a easy, enjoyable pace.

We made plans to donate an IKEA bag full of sheets and pillows to the BCSPCA that afternoon.

We walked in. The familiar sounds of excitement and sadness from the animals could be heard from beyond the front desk.

“Let’s go into the back courtyard and see the dogs!”

“No. If we see the dogs, we’ll take one home.”

“I promise we won’t leave with a dog.”  Read More